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It cannot be ascertained as to how the Mizo people got acquainted with the game of badminton but it can undoubtedbly be considered one of the first non-traditional games that was played by the Mizo people. It is believed to have been brought home by some Mizo boys who pursued education outside the Mizo hills way back in 1926-27.It cannot be ascertained as to how the Mizo people got acquainted with the game of badminton but it can undoubtedbly be considered one of the first non-traditional games that was played by the Mizo people. It is believed to have been brought home by some Mizo boys who pursued education outside the Mizo hills way back in 1926-27.

The first proper badminton event on record was the the Hrawva Badminton Tournament organised in 1927 at Babutlang and the present Synod Press location. The organisers included Messrs. Vankhuma, IA, Chuauthuama, Sawmaithanga, LH Liana, Lalhmingthanga and Lalhlira. Legend has it that upon the request of these gentlemen, the then Headmaster of Boys ME School Mr. Hrawva contributed a sum of Rs. 75 which was used to buy a championship trophy for the same. This particular tournament was an annual event between 1927 – 1930. Mr. Chawngzika and Mr. Vankhuma became champions for the three consecutive years owing to which the prized trophy was owned permanently by the duo owing to their hat-trick of championship.

Badminton players during the era usually procured their gear from Haudalla shop, Dawrpui. A shuttlecok during those times costs Re. 1/- whereas a badminton racket would cost anything between Rs. 7 to Rs. 11/-.

Hrawva Badminton Tournament was soon followed by the Jai Bahadur Sahi Badminton tournament which was held during 1930 – 1932. Jai Bahadur Sahi, upon whose name the tournament was christened was a teacher at a Bengali School who himself was indeed a prominent figure in the badminton players’ community. Mr. Chawngzika was again the dominant force throughout the tournament too having won the championship on three successive editions, this time partnering Mr. Lalropara. They permanently got hold of the trophy this time around too with the three successive wins. The Synod Press Badminton Team was considered to be the best badminton team during the era. The two tournaments usually had five to eight teams participating in the events.

Badminton players during these period usually honed their skills and played the game at the lawns of Synod Press, the courtyard of Boys ME School and the open space in front of the Sapte Bungalow (Now the Chief Secretary’s residence).Badminton players during these period usually honed their skills and played the game at the lawns of Synod Press, the courtyard of Boys ME School and the open space in front of the Sapte Bungalow (Now the Chief Secretary’s residence).

1951 witnessed a rather unique badminton tournament organised by the Thakthing Club for the champion was to win a trophy none other than a fully grown prized ram (goat). The tournament itself being organised as a fundraiser by the Thakthing Club suggests that badminton was indeed a very popular game during the period and that it was worthwhile to even raise revenues out of it. The Thakthing Club ‘Goat Tournament’ indicates that there would undoubtedly be several other badminton tournaments during the period as well. The ‘Thakthing Goat Tournament’ itself drew a considerable number of participants and the organisational setup of the tournament was found to be managed exceedingly well upon the analysis of the records.participants and the organisational setup of the tournament was found to be managed exceedingly well upon the analysis of the records.

Badminton in Southern Mizoram Lunglei town witnessed a badminton tournament as far back as 1930. Messrs. J. Buana, F. Biakliana Murray, Durra and Zodingluaia jointly sponsored four shields and cups to organise a badminton tournament in 1945 too.

The year 1972 witnessed the introduction of a badminton tournament for the Southern Mizoram Districts of Lunglei and Chhimtuipui. The Lunglei Deputy Commissioner Indoor Stadium hosted the events. This annual tournament was thought to have played a pivotal role in popularising badminton in southern Mizoram. Another badminton tournament was simultaneously organised in the southern town in the same year with trophies donated by Messrs. F. Biakliana Murray, J. Buana, Thala and Zadingliana.

Badminton in Eastern Mizoram

Badminton has been played in eastern Mizoram since long back. The first recorded event dates back to 11 August  1977 played in Champhai Community Hall (presently known as Champhai Town Hall) with a category comprising of Men’s Single, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles. Pu Lalgeorgethanga and Pu C. Denghlira were the first two persons who donated Rs. 200/- each for organising the first Badminton Competition.

Badminton played indoors for the first time

It was in 1963 that Mizoram saw badminton being played indoors for the first time. With wooden panels and walls and roofed with corrugated tin sheets, Serchhip town, located halfway between Aizawl and Lunglei, was the proud host of the first indoor badminton court in the whole of Mizo hills. The current Mizo High School Indoor Stadium at Mc.Donald Hill, Aizawl was also completed as an indoor badminton stadium in and around 1974.

Saron Badminton Club

Established in 18th October 1968, the Saron Badminton Club may be considered the forerunner and pioneer of properly organised badminton clubs of the modern era in Mizoram. The club has to its credit of organising numerous badminton tournaments time and again which includes :1. Saron Veng Neihbourhood Tournament (Doubles) 19682. Aizawl Town Open Badminton Tournament (Doubles)3. Taia Memorial Badminton Tournament (Doubles) 19684. Badminton Competition (Mens Singles ) 1969)5. Mixed Doubles Competition (1969)6. Patea Memorial Badminton Competition (which became an annual event for 5 years from 1969 onwards)7. Vandailova Memorial Badminton Tournament 1974

Aizawl Badminton Youth Club & Youth Club

The Aizawl Badminton Youth Club and Youth Club also jointly organised several badminton tournaments during the period which are listed as follows:1. Mens Singles & Doubles Tournament 19732. Mens Singles,Doubles & Mixed Doubles,19743. K.Laldailova Memorial Badminton Tournament,19744. Mens Singles & Doubles,1974.

Badminton tournaments during these period were played outdoors whilst the racket used by most of the players was of the ‘Chakravarty’ brand. The following locations played hosts to badminton games within Aizawl town :Badminton tournaments during these period were played outdoors whilst the racket used by most of the players was of the ‘Chakravarty’ brand. The following locations played hosts to badminton games within Aizawl town :

  1. Courtyard of Mr. Vandailova, Saron Veng 2. Courtyard of Mr. Hmartawnphunga, Zarkawt3. Courtyard of Mr. Lalthanhnuna, Venghlui 4. Courtyard of Mr. Khawtinthanga, Kulikawn5. Courtyard of Mr. Paul Zakhuma, Kulikawn6. Courtyard of Mr. Buangthanga, Dawrpui7. Courtyard of Dr. Thuama, Venghlui8. Courtyard of Mr. L. Pachhunga, Khatla Bethel9. Courtyard of Mr. Thanbanglova, Khatla

Notable badminton tournaments in the early days

  1. Lalhmachhuana (Patea) Memorial Badminton Championship : This was a tournament dedicated to the memory of Lalhmachhuana (Patea), who was the Treasurer of Saron Veng Badminton Club and the son the Mr. Thangridema, the former Speaker of Mizoram Legislative Assembly.  The tournament was a doubles-only event wherein 24 teams participated in the inaugural year who each paid an entry fee of Rs. 6. Saron Badminton Club organised the tournament five years in succession.Club organised the tournament five years in succession. A rather remarkable feature of the tournament was that the 1973 edition was played indoors at the Aizawl Theatre Hall (now known as Vanapa Hall). The improvisational skills of Saron Badminton Club and the then Under Secretary of PWD, Mr. J. Pazawna came in handy to temporarily convert the auditorium into a makeshift badminton stadium. After 5 years of the tournament running under the aegis of Saron Badminton Club, the tournament was handed over to Mizoram Badminton Association and was identified as a State Championship event. The tournament thus became an important landmark in the history of badminton in Mizoram.
  2. Hmartawnphunga Memorial Badminton Competition : Hmartawnphunga was the father of the present Chief Minister of Mizoram, Mr. Lalthanhawla. He died in 1970 aged 60 at his residence in Zarkawt. In their endeavour to promote badminton as well as to keep the memories of their father alive, his children sponsored the tournament which was organised by the AAA Club in association with Mizoram Sports Association and was usually played at the Govt. Mizo High School stadium and at the courtyard of Mr. Hmartawnphunga. This tournament was organised every year between 1970 and 1976. The inaugural year included Women’s Doubles event whilst the later editions were usually confined to Men’s singles and doubles events.
  3. Lalhlira Memorial Badminton Tournament : Lalhlira was a resident of Kulikawn locality in Aizawl. He was one of the first amongst the Mizo populace to have acquainted himself with the game of badminton. After his death in 1949, his children donated a trophy to the Aizawl Sporting Association who then organised the Lalhlira Memorial Badminton Tournament. The tournament was held in the year 1973, 1975 and 1976 and was a Mens Doubles tournament.
  4. Thangriaii Memorial Badminton Tournament : Lalhema of Dawrpui locality was amongst the first merchants in Aizawl to sell sports goods. Upon the death of his daughter Thangriaii in 1987, a badminton tournament was organised in her memory in coordination with Mizoram Badminton Association. The tournament was one of the most longlasting running tournament with ten successful editions spanning between 1990 and 2000.
  5. Mizoram Badminton Association Official Tournament : The Mizoram Badminton Association Official Tournament saw its inaugural event in 1979 and has been organised 32 times since its inception. The tournament is considered to be the most prestigious tournament under the ambit of Mizoram Badminton Association and also carries maximum weightage in terms of ranking points within the state. Besides the aforementioned exclusive badminton tournaments, there are also several sporting events wherein badminton occupies prominence which are highlighted thus :
    1. 1st Mizo District Olympic,1963Mens Singles Winner – Lalmawia (AT)Mens Doubles Winner – Darthankima & S.Lalnghinga (AT)
    2. 2nd  Mizo District Olympic,1965Mens Singles – Thanpuia, ChurachandpurMens Doubles – Lalzuia & S.Lalnghinga (Aizawl North)
    3. 1st Mizoram State Games, 1981Womens Singles Winner – Lalbiaksangi (Lunglei)Womens Doubles Winner – Lalbiaksangi & Hmingthangi(Lunglei)Mens Singles Winner – Pahnianga (Saitual)Mens Doubles Winner – Lalhranga & Lalrinawma (Lunglei)

National Sports Talent Contest (NSTC) In the year 1985,1988 & 1991 The Sports Authority Of India conducted National Sports Talent Contests for the age group  9-12 in Mizoram with badminton as one of the discipline. From these contests six Mizo players were selected for further training.

Establishment of Badminton Academy : Mr. Malsawmkima and Mr. Zosiamliana, an NIS coaching graduate take the credit of setting up the first ever badminton academy in Mizoram on January 9, 2007 at Mission Veng Indoor Stadium. The academy has the distinction of producing a good number of the best badminton players in the state. The academy is still in operation but has since been rechristened Mission Veng Badminton Academy.

Formation of Mizoram Badminton AssociationFormation of Mizoram Badminton Association The establishment of the Mizoram State Sports Council in 1976 necessitated the formation of associations of Badminton and Table Tennis. Thus came up Mizoram Badminton and Table Tennis Association. Officer Bearers were also appointed on adhoc basis.President : J PazawnaVice President : Dominic Lalhmangaiha SaplianaSecretary : Ch. LalrosangaAsst. Secretary : P. VanluiaTreasurer : Thandanga The association was then bifurcated and Mizoram Badminton Association came into existence on 30th October, 1980. The Association got registered under the Firms & Societies Act on 13th March, 1981. The Mizoram Badminton Association got affiliated to Badminton Association of India on 19th June, 1982.

The list of Office Bearers of Mizoram Badminton Association since inception:


President : J.PazawnaVice President : Z.A.Kapmawia  Lalsawmzuala  w.e.f.14.6.1982Hony Secretary : P.Vanluia. Treasurer : Thandanga


President : J.Pazawna Sr.Vice President : C. LiansangaVice Presidents : Saizika Sailo,  C.Thanseia Hony Secretary : P.Vanluia Asst.Secretary : T.RohminglianaTreasurer : C.Liansanga


President : Dunglena Sr.Vice President : ThanhnunaVice Presidents : C.Thanseia H.D.Rosanga Hony Secretary : K.Laltana Asst.Secretary : RalliantawnaTreasurer : N.Lungmuana


President : J.Pazawna Sr.Vice President : LiansangaVice Presidents : Saizika Sailo C.Thanseia Hony Secretary : P.Vanluia Asst.Secretary : T.RohminglianaTreasurer : C.Liansanga


President : M.Lalmanzuala Sr.Vice President : ThanhnunaVice Presidents : H.D.Rosanga C.Thanseia Hony Secretary : K.Laltana Asst.Secretary : T.RohminglianaNote: On Mr Thanhnuna’s resignation on 19.3.1993, election to the post of Sr.Vice President and to the newly created post of two (2) Vice Presidents were held with the following results.Sr.Vice President : C.Thanseia Vice Presidents : Zokunga  Ch.Rosanga


President : M.Lalmanzuala Sr.Vice President : J.LalhminglianaVice Presidents : B.Lalrinliana Sr.V. President : H.KhiangteVice Presidents : C.Lianlunga V.L.Fakawma Lalringliana J.R.Chinzah  F.Lalhmangaiha Hony Secretary : V.Lalremthanga Jt.Secretary : V.L.TinbiakaTreasurer : Hs.Tanliana


President : J.Lalhmingliana Sr.Vice President : H.KhiangteVice Presidents : C.Lianlunga V.L.Fakawma Lalringliana J.R.Chinzah  F.Lalhmangaiha Hony. Secretary : V.Lalremthanga Jt.Secretary : V.L.TinbiakaTreasurer : Hs.Tanliana


President : C.Lallawmsanga Sr.Vice President : Dr.C.SangnghinaVice Presidents : Dengchungnunga C.Lalringliana K.Lalrintluanga Hony. Secretary : N.Lungmuana Jt.Secretary : V.L.TinbiakaTreasurer : Lallianthanga(Valtea)


President : Lalchamliana Sr.Vice President : C.Lallawmsanga, Vice Presidents : R.Thankima C.ThanglianchhungaVice Presidents : R.Thankima C.Thanglianchhunga N.Lungmuana K.Lalrintluanga V.L.TinbiakaHony. Secretary : K.Lianhmingthanga Jt.Secretary : F.Vanlalpeka K.Malsawma LalbiaksangiTreasurer : Lallianthanga(Valtea)


President : Lalchamliana Sr.Vice President : C.LallawmsangaVice Presidents : K.Lalrintluanga C.Thanglianchhunga V.L.Tinbiaka John Neihlaia Lalkanglova Sailo Hony. Secretary : K.Lianhmingthanga Jt.Secretary : K.Malsawma F.Vanlalpeka MalsawmkimaTreasurer : Vanlalsawma


President : C.Lallawmsanga Sr.Vice President : K.LianhmingthangaVice Presidents : Lalkanglova Sailo R.Lalrinkima VL Ruala RL Thianghlima CL ThanmawiaHony. Secretary : Malsawmkima Jt.Secretary : Lalnghakliana R.Lalrinawma Lalthantluanga ColneyTreasurer : Vanlalsawma


President : C.Zorammuana Sr.Vice President : K.LianhmingthangaVice Presidents : H.S Dinpuii R.Lalrinkima H.Lalhmingliana R.Romawia F.LianhmingthangaHony.  Secretary : H.LalnunsiamaJt.Secretary : Laltanpuia Joseph V.L.ChungnungaTreasurer : C.LalrinlianaFinance Secretary : R.Lalrinawma


President :   C.Zorammuana

Sr. Vice President : Lallianzuala Hnamte

Vice Presidents :     K.Lianhmingthanga, C.Laldina R.K.Lalthakima, P.C.Lalthanmawia, Zabiakthara

Hony.  Secretary :  H.Lalnunsiama

Joint Secretaries :  Lalrinzuala Pachuau

Joseph V.L Chungnunga

Treasurer : Laltanpuia

Fin.Secy : R.Lalrinawma

Chief Patron : R.Lalzirliana, Hon’ble Home Minister

Patron : P.C.Lawmkunga Laltlanthanga,


Advisers : Malsawmkima, C.Lalringliana, Zohmingthanga

Executive CommitteeMembers:

C.Lalduhawma Thangkunga Vanlalmuana C.Lalrinliana David Lallawmpuia C.Lalhmachhuana H.Lalhmingliana H.Lalhruaitluangi A.C.Zonunmawia Jonathan Chhetri Joseph Lalrintluanga R.Vanlalmuana Lalhmangaiha  R.Lalrinpuia Lalchhandama Ralte Lalthanzuala Zoremsanga Rosangliana Jerry Lalnunfela Zonuntluanga Vanlalnghaka  J.H.Biakmawia Lalthlamuana

Co-Opted Members: Zosiamliana Lalbiaksangi Alan Z. Colney Zoramthari Lalchhuanawma H.S.DinpuiiLalchhuanawma H.S.Dinpuii


Finance Committee

Chairman : K.Lianhmingthanga

Secretary : C.Lalrinliana

Promotional Committee

Chairman : C.Laldina

Secretary : Laltanpuia

Members : Lalbiaksangi  Simlathanga Lalzarzova Lalthanzuala M.S Dawngliana A.C.Zonunmawia Lalruatsanga Tochhawng

Technical Committee

Chairman : Zabiakthara

Secretary : JosephV.L Chungnunga

Members : Lalbiaksangi Benjamin Lalrintluanga Malsawmkima Lalthanzuala.

Media & Publicity Committee:

Chairman : R.K.Lalthakima

Secretary : R.Lalrinpuia

Members : P.C.Lala Vanlalhlua, C.Lalremruata F.Lalramliana Zothangliana LalchhuanmawiaHnamte David Lalvensanga

Property Committee:

Chairman : P.C.Lalthanmawia

Secretary : Jonathan Chhetri

Member : H.T.Lalmuankima

Disciplinary Committee:

Chairman : C.Laldina

Secretary : Joseph V.L.Chungnunga

Members : K.Lianhmingthanga Zabiakthara R.Lalrinawma

Appellate Authority :  C.Zorammuana  President MBA

RGKA Committee:

Chairman : Lalrinzuala Pachuau

Secretary : F.Lalhruaitluangi

Member : All District Badminton Association Presidents.

Veteran Wing:

Chairman : Vanlalnghaka

Secretary : J.H.Biakmawia

Sr.V.Chairman : Vanlalsawma

Vice Chairman : K.Lalnghinglova

Asst Secretary : Lalnunmawia

Treasurer : Lalrinawma

Fin.Secretary : S.Rochama

Advisers : Dr H.L.Malsawma


Court Official Committee :

Chairman : Lallianzuala Hnamte

Secretary : Thangkunga

Members : H.S.Dinpuii Zoramthari Alan Zosangliana, T.Fredy Lalremruata Lalramchhana