DBA in Mizoram

Sl. No Name Of DBA Affln.No & Yrs
1 Lunglei DBA  002. Feb 1993
2 Saiha DBA  003. April 1998
3 Serchhip DBA 004. May 2000
4 Champhai DBA 005. May 2000
5 Kolasib DBA 006. April 2001
6 Mamit DBA 007. June 2004
7 Lawngtlai DBA 008. April 2007
8 Aizawl South DBA 2012
9 Aizawl Central DBA 2012
10 Aizawl North DBA 2012


As per the recommendation of Badminton Association of India to have District badminton associations under Mizoram Badminton Association, the Aizawl District Badminton Association was formed on adhoc on 29th January, 1993.

The Aizawl District Badminton Association took several initiatives to promote badminton, notable amongst them being the Inter Branch YMA Badminton tournament jointly organised with Central YMA. The annual Aizawl Open event is also a venture of Aizawl District Badminton Association.

Aizawl being the capital of the state and the city being relatively large as compared to other district headquarters, the Mizoram Badminton Association believed that it has become necessary to divide Aizawl into three badminton districts. Thus, the Aizawl District Badminton Association was trifurcated into Aizawl South, Aizawl Central and Aizawl North Badminton Associations in the year 2012.